This Week In Dallas Music History: The Judy's Wrote 'All The Catchy Songs'

This week, we're featuring a flashback of a flashback in which Robert Wilonsky gets to wax poetic about one of his favorite Texas acts: The Judy's.

Though the act hailed from Pearland, The Judy's had a strong local following thanks to radio play and opening for touring acts like Devo, Talking Heads and The B-52's.

"The Judy's were native heroes, the best pop band to hail from Texas during the 1980s," Robert wrote then in the gone-but-not-forgotten piece that appeared in the July 23, 1998 edition of the Observer.

Today, when I asked Robert for a comment on the story, he immediately fired back writing, "I got to talk to one of my three favorite singer-songwriters for this piece."

"Only yesterday when 'All the Pretty Girls' came up on my iPod," he wrote. "I turned it up and sang along...with my just-turned-7-year-old son, who also knows every word."

If you've never heard the act's infectiously catchy tunes like the aforementioned "All The Pretty Girls" and others like "Grass Is Greener" or "Guyana Punch," then you're sorely missing out on some amazing tracks written by David Bean. For more on what Bean has been up to check out The Judy's own Wasted Talent Records.  


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