This Week In Dallas Music History: The Grown-Ups Start Skankin' Ska Scene

Well, if you've followed my musings or ever heard me reminisce about local music and my teen years over a few drinks, then you knew that, sooner or later, this weekly post about Dallas music history would feature an article on The Grown-Ups, one of my favorite local live bands of all time.

Say what you will about ska music and its many, many revivals since the '60s, but the Denton-based third wave act knew how to write a catchy hook and get huge crowds skankin'.

This article from the July 1, 1993, edition of the Observer, "Too much, too young," was penned just four months after the Denton band's first gig. Gilbert Garcia had just caught the eight-piece ska act at an un-named "Denton beer garden" where he "felt like [he'd] blinked and landed in a London club, circa 1979." Courtesy of the band's songs, of course.


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