Picture Show(s): This Music Packed-Party Weekend

Caity Colvard
The Double Wide Had a Pool Party, but not a real pool.
This weekend was particularly warped. Aside from the Hurricane, and the Fourth of July being on the Fifth, and the Vans Warped Tour 2010 bringing sometimes bloody-nosed Andrew W.K. (and more) to Dallas, there was Joan Jett and Black Tie Dynasty at Que Fest . Oh, and MC Hammer at the Stockyard Stampede (improbably playing with Everclear). Also, a white-trash pool party.

So, high-fives are in order?

Since we know you want to see MC Hammer mid-2 Legit dance, here's a link to a few of the weekend's slideshows:

MC Hammer, Everclear at the Stockyard Stampede.

Joan Jett and Black Tie Dynasty at QueFest

The 4th of July Pool Party at the Double Wide.

Sweet weekend, dude.

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