Picture Show: Outtakes from the DOMAXXII Photoshoot

Dylan Hollingsworth and Andrew Williams
Members of Spooky Folk, Mount Righteous, galleryCat and The Beaten Sea revel in the greatness that is the state of local music.
On Tuesday night, each and every nominated person on this year's Dallas Observer Awards Ballot was invited to attend an awards season pre-party/photoshoot meant to help us capture some images for next week's cover package on the awards winners.

It was a grand ole time, featuring performances from Matthew Gray (of Matthew and the Arrogant Sea), Smile Smile, A.Dd+ and The Phuss. And we got some great images. Eventually, you'll see them all--if not in next week's issue, then in another slideshow we're saving up to pair with that issue's release. For now, though, check out this slideshow of the earliest outtakes from the event. Consider it yet one more attempt to whet your appetites for tomorrow's showcase and/or destruction.

Many thanks to all the nominees who showed. And also to Dylan Hollingsworth, Andrew Williams, Hal Samples, Alex Flores, Jennifer Robinson, Josh Florence and the staff at City Tavern for helping make the night possible.

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