Lucero Opens The DOMAXXII Showcase

Nick Rallo
104 Thousand Degrees Oustide, right now.
So, it's really hot. Like, really hot. Lucero's Ben Nichols put on sunglasses because "his eyeballs were getting sun burnt."

We've got more photos and video and coverage coming, of course, but to get this started: here are some photos (and a glorious youtube video after the jump!) of Lucero kicking off the Dallas Observer Music Awards in the blistering heat.
Nick Rallo
Lucero kicks of DOMA, in the hot hot heat.

Nick Rallo
Lucero's eyeballs were melting

Nick Rallo
The security guards dying in the heat.

Nick Rallo
It's really, really f***** hot.

Lucero opens DOMAXXII and a random dude strips for the camera.
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