Download DJ Fishr Pryce's Cold War Defense System Just In Time For Independence Day.

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Friend of the program DJ Fishr Pryce passes along his latest mix this afternoon--and right on time, too. Called Cold War Defense System, the new mix is one giant mash-up of the most patriotic jams you've ever heard into one giant "Yay, America!" blowout. Or, essentially, the greatest ironic, America-themed dance party you've ever attended.

Writes Fishr to describe the mix: "Think Rocky IV meets Uncle Sam. I mean, if by the third song you aren't ready to steal two fighter jets so that you and your older black friend can save your father from crazy Middle Easterners, then you may not be a US citizen."

I stress: His words.

Go ahead and stream or download the mix right here. Read more about it on his always entertaining, if slightly off-color, Fresher Pryce blog.

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