Watch: Party Boyz -- "Daddy Stroke"

I'm not gonna act as if "Daddy Stroke," the follow-up single to the Party Boyz and DJ Mr. Rogers' breakout hit, "Flex," is anything special. It isn't. And neither is its dance, which, far as I can tell, is just grinding and humping.

But the video, directed, like pretty much all Boogie songs, by Mr. Boomtown, is a pretty fun watch, featuring a couple of the Party Boyz' fellow Dallasites, among them B-Hamp (of "Do The Ricky Bobby" fame) and DJ Drop (head of the Definition DJs collective), in cameo roles. So give it a view, won't ya?

Then ask yourself this scary question: Has the Boogie movement's idea well for new dance moves run dry? And, if so, is that really such a bad thing?

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