Watch: Neon Indian -- "Sleep Paralysist"

Seems there are some advantages after all to being signed up as part of the Mountain Dew-backed Green Label, as Denton/Dallas ex-pats Neon Indian were for the release of their post-Psychic Chasms, free-to-download single, "Sleep Paralysis." Namely? Getting a budget to give the song, co-produced by Neon Indian mastermind Alan Palomo and Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor, a slick music video--the band's first official video, turns out--which you can watch by clicking the above image. It's well worth the watch, too, filled with bonkers imagery and copious shots of an unshaven Palomo looking oh-so-contemplative. Also: Backgammon? Sure. Why not?

And, after the jump, just for kicks, check another clip, this one detailing the video's making-of process. If that's your thing.

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