Sometimes, Musicians Can Be Funny. Sometimes.

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From the "Ever wonder what happens when local musicians have too much time on their hands?" department today comes the clip above, the most recent promo for the variety show John Pedigo (The O's, Boys Named Sue) and Chad Stockslager (The King Bucks, The Drams) and put on every now and then called The JC Experience. And, actually, it's pretty hilarious, if also a little over-the-top. I saw it a couple months back. I laughed.

And, I'm embarrassed to admit, I laughed again when watching the promo. Maybe it's because I've been there, like, seven times, but the bit about Niagara Falls being closed? Kills me. Whatever. I'm a nerd. Don't hang out with me.

But do hang out with Pedigo and Stockslager on July 1 and 2, when their variety hijinks return to La Grange, live and in person. For more pertinent details, go here.

And, for good measure, watch this promo Pedigo and his O's-mate Taylor Young made for their tour of California this week. Seriously, though: Way too much time on their hands.

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