Oh, Crap: Father's Day Is Coming Up, Isn't It? Well, Here Are Five Music-Related Gift Idea That Shouldn't Disappoint Too Much.

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What to impress your old man? Well, you can put a smile on the geezers face by picking him up a hip, music-related gift for Father's Day. Trust us, it'll make him feel younger.


Circle your calendars now: Father's Day is coming up fast (on June 20...or September 5, if you live in Australia or New Zealand). The good news? You've still got a couple of weeks to go on-line and order one or more of the following suggestions, we've gone ahead and listed for you after the jump.

As a father myself, I approve all these selections.

1. Father's Day Hip-Hop Compilation CD


This little ditty came out last year and features a busload of area hip-hop and rap talent getting all gansta on tunes such as "Eye of The Hardhead" and "Swagg it Out (Watch Me)." Certainly not for the faint of heart, but certainly worth the $8.99 that it will cost you to download it.

2. Michael Dean Damron - Father's Day


Now this is a much safer bet--especially in these parts. Damron fronts the indie rock band I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch in the House, but this 2009 set is much more in the Steve Earle vein. Key cuts include "Beautiful and Damned" and the yearning title track.

3. Rakalam Bob Moses - Father's Day B'hash


For those folks whose dads prefer jazz, here's one that will surely get the house hopping. Bob Moses is a renowned drummer who has played with the likes of Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Larry Coryell and Gary Burton. On this 2009 effort, he leads a lively crew through some intense free jazz. Again, not exactly for the timid, but if that's your dad's problem, this is the thing to rouse him from his stupor.

4. Cat Stevens - Greatest Hits


The classic Father's Day album. Featuring "Father & Son," one of the saddest coming of age songs you and your dad can cry to, this one's pretty much a no-brainer.

5. Harry Chapin - The Essentials


Featuring "Cats in the Cradle," the classic '70s sapfest (which, actually, is often incorrectly credited as a Cat Stevens track), this one's surely worthy for anyone who has a dad over 50. 

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Mother of God, after that first selection of crappy rap I figured you for some single dad who had lousy taste, then the next few loads fell out of your pants and I only wonder what kind of perversion happened that you could have a child when you're obviously sucking pipe. Please, go cry to Cat Stevens and Harry Chapin. I want you to.

Gay Travel
Gay Travel

This is a good blog. Keep up all the work. I too love blogging and expressing my opinions. Thanks :)

Pam Pullings
Pam Pullings

I never thought I would agree with this opinion, but I�m starting to see things differently.


It�s Father�s Day soon�Can�t get your father the Super car he�s always dreamt of?�Get the next best thing�Give him a brill� book about it�Coz�

It�s Super....

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