Bonus MP3: George Quartz -- "Coconut"

If you listened to the phenomenal Texas Love Triangle Mix created by Oak Cliff's own DJ Tommy Boy for Vice UK when it was released back in May, you were no doubt captivated by the mix's lead song, a cover of Harry Nilsson's "Coconut" offered up by one George Quartz (formerly of the greatness that was Faux Fox).

Or, well, we were, at least. Mostly because, well, it's just an utterly bizarre take on the familiar Nilsson song--and, in turn, a surprisingly alluring one. Not all that much unlike the original in that regard, I guess.

Well, this week, Quartz has released the song for public consumption outside of Tommy Boy's mix. Made a video for it, too, which you can see above. It's a fittingly confounding clip. Give it a watch, though--it works well with the song. And the dialogue dubbing at the start of the clip is pretty priceless.

And, as for the song, well, Quartz has been kind enough to pass the track along as a free download for DC9 readers. Grab it--and learn a little bit about his rotating backing band, After Hours, from the man himself--after the jump

Bonus mp3: George Quartz -- "Coconut"

Because we know you're curious, here's some background on the song, courtesy of Quartz.
My tribute to the legendary Harry Nilsson and his brilliant hit song was recorded at Klearlight Studio in Dallas, Texas. Various members of the groups //TENSE//, Darktown Strutters, Berliner Eins and Wild in the Streets make up the all-star Quartz 'After Hours' band and they all lent their distinct brand of magic to this track.
Magic indeed.

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