Because Being Backed By A Soda-Run Label Wasn't Enough: Neon Indian Signs to Magazine-Run Label, Reissues Psychic Chasms

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Patrick Michels
Neon Indian, as seen at NX35.
South by Southwest was quite good to Dallas ex-pats Neon Indian this year--and, turns out, it was even better than the on-the-street buzz the band was getting that week in Austin may have originally implied.

Today, Billboard reports that Neon Indian has signed a new record deal--the result of "speculation following a series of breakout SXSW performances, with rumors of a bidding war," the trade mag says--with the Fader label. It's a separate deal, it appears, from the band's relationship with Green Label Sound, the Mountain Dew-run label that not only helped Neon Indian produce its first music video, but also plastered frontman Alan Palomo's face all around Austin billboards for SXSW.

The first order of business for the new Fader deal is to digitally reissue 2009's phenomenal Psychic Chasms--today, turns out. But the big reveal, I think? The reissue is a collaboration with Palomo's own imprint called Static Tongues--an imprint I'm pretty sure, based on cursory googling, no one has ever heard of until now. Pure speculation here, but it seems like whatever the deal with Fader is, Palomo was somehow able to wrangle the creation of his own record label out of it. Well played.

(Hat tip.)

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