This Week In Dallas Music History: Erykah Badu Gets Her Due.

Not sure how much of the usual here's-why-this-is-an-important-read info that you'll need to find this piece interesting--you know, what with all the national press that Erykah Badu's received as of late.

In case you live under a very large rock, Badu ended April by filing a not guilty plea with the Dallas Police Department after they'd charged Badu with disorderly conduct resulting from all the hullabaloo when she stripped off her clothes in Dealey Plaza while shooting her "Window Seat" video.

Written just a year after her debut Baduizm started tearing up the charts, this old Wilonsky piece chronicles the then-28-year-old Badu's path from working at Grinders on Lower Greenville to becoming an MTV sensation while winning two Grammys along the way. And Robert did a great job of picking her brain about how suddenly everything had changed.

Naturally, there are lots of the Baduisms we've all come to know and love: "I don't belong to me anymore; I belong to the world."

Check it out after the jump.


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