Watch: Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights Peform "Pardon Me" for Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Right before his band's taped, March 31 performance of "Pardon Me," the title track off the band's upcoming full-length major label debut, aired as part of Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights' namesake and frontman updated his Twitter followers a bit on the emotions he was going through prior to the taping: "I'll admit my stomach was full of butterflies pre-performance...," he tweeted.

Which, of course, is fair. The performance, which, as promised, aired last night, was the band's national TV debut. Butterflies are natural in that setting.

But I will say this: The whole band kind of looked a little nervous, too. Indeed: This wasn't the swaggering JT&TNL that has come to impress live audiences so much with its new and improved live show. It was still a real solid showing--and, on many levels, you've got to figure that the band is just happy to have it out of the way. But, no, it wasn't the kind of performance that this band is capable of offering up. That's all I'm saying.

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