Picture Show: Celebrating National Record Store Day at Good Records

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Sara Kerens
Doug Burr, live from the AstroTurf.
Three things present at Record Store Day at Good Records--beards, BBQ and a despondent. chicken-suited man.

On this rainy Saturday afternoon in the Good Records parking lot, the National Record Store Day mood was calm, for the most part. Not much explosive cheering to be had when you're throwing down free beer and mac n' cheese, I guess.

Aside from the BBQ, which was provided by the Baron of Beef (which King Khan recently enjoyed with meatastic delight) the bands ranged sonically from shoegaze to folk to gnarly as hell.

Baruch the Scribe (shoegaze) and The Cartographers (folk-rock) were interesting, but short highlights of the afternoon. Seryn's milky smooth set was one of the better-sounding of the day (the sound was often weird) as their harmonies sounded full in the small room. And, later, just like a good music marathon should, Record Store Day morphed into Record Store Night with Maleveller and They Will Destroy You.

Sara Kerens was there to photograph the rainy day. See the rest of her slideshow right here.

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