Giveaway: Three Pairs of Tickets to Tomorrow Night's Pretty Lights Show at the Granada Theater

Last time Colorado electro artist Pretty Lights rolled through town for a gig at the Granada, Lance Lester spoke with the artist over the phone, getting to the bottom of why he gives all his music away for free and how he hopes to keep audiences engaged despite the fact that he's just one man on stage with his computer. Pretty Lights, born Derek Vincent Smith, knows that the last part will forever be a struggle, so his goal is simple:
"When people come to see me, they definitely see that I get into it onstage... My goal is to always make it a bigger, better or more unique show and make it a special experience for the concertgoer--something they want to come back to."
He must being doing something right--tomorrow night, the Granada's having him back at its venue.

Oh, and the venue's been kind enough to toss three pairs of tickets to the show our way to hand out to three lucky DC9 readers. Want one of the pairs to what surely will turn into a dance-party? OK: Be among the first three to email me right now with the words "So Pretty" in the subject line and you're in. Good luck!

Update: Contest is over. Congrats to our winners!

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