Doug Burr's O Ye Devastator Hits iTunes A Week Early. So Go Download It.

Categories: DFW Music News
In addition to The Burning Hotels' new release and the big major label debut from Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights, it looks like another big local release is up for the taking on iTunes.

Though it won't see a physical release until next Tuesday, Doug Burr's new release, O Ye Devastator, is currently available for purchase on iTunes. Is it a glitch? Dunno. But I suggest you go grab it. And I suggest that you check this upcoming week's paper for my interview with Burr on his preparations and hopes for the album. Unfortunately, you will have to wait till that is formally released. Oh well.

Anyway, since we're talking releases available for early purchase on iTunes, now seems as good a time as any to remind you that the new, upcoming album from Burr's sister in folk arms, Sarah Jaffe, is up for early iTunes download as well. But you already knew that.

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