Watch: St. Vincent Joins Beck, Liars and Os Mutantes to Cover INXS

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Annie Clark and friends are covering INXS. And we found video.

While most music journalists of the world were off in Austin, distracted by day parties offering free booze, news broke on Friday that Beck had enlisted the aid of Liars, Os Mutantes and Dallas native Annie Clark/St. Vincent to participate in his ever-revolving Record Company lineup, known for covering seminal albums in their entirety, to cover INXS's Kick.

A video of the collective working on that album's "Guns in the Sky" circulated around the web late last week--only to be removed from most posts by the video's uploaders. Well, today, we found the clip. And though we can't embed it here, we can sure tell you go to here to watch the beautifully shot clip. And we really recommend that you do, if only to watch Clark rip off some pretty kickass riffs with ease.

It's a fine way to end your Monday, we sure think.

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