This Week in Dallas Music History: Hey, Have You Guys Heard of This Cool New Band, The New Bohemians?


Edie Brickell & New Bohemians are an institution in the Dallas rock scene, its signature folk/jam having settled in well among the Dallas alt-rock explosion of the '80s. And today, even: The band's singles "What I Am" and "Circle" are still in rotation in soft-rock FM stations across the country.

The March 20, 1986, edition of the Observer profiled the band back when it consisted of a bunch of kids simply called the New Bohemians--well before Geffen Records plugged singer Edie's name in front of the band's.

The article goes over the New Bo's speedy ascent in the scene--remember, kids, this was before laptops and mp3s--its switching managers, and its various gigs in Deep Ellum. It was two years before Shooting Rubber Bands At The Stars would be released on Geffen and go double-platinum.

Since then, the band has grown up a bit: Brickell went on to marry famed musician Paul Simon, have three kids, and release a few adult contemporary albums on her own. The band, meanwhile, realased Ghost of a Dog in 1990, broke up and then came back together for 2006' Stranger Things. The album included Carter Albrecht of Sorta, who would meet a bizarre end in September 2007.

After the jump, the scans of an article of a band on the rise...


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