Sweet Climbing Movie Trailer, Brah! Also? Cool LehtMoJoe Soundtrack!

My still-brand new Mad Rock shoes have gone woefully unused since I moved away from the mountains of Colorado some two years ago now, but, man, if the above trailer for the new climbing doc, Core, doesn't make me want to bust 'em out and take a trek up to Dallas Rocks for a little bouldering sesh...

Anyway, that's not the point of this post. Rather, this is: Much of the above trailer for the feature-length film is set to Alrington beat-maker LehtMoJoe's music--specifically his song "Tom Petty" from his July-released Spaghetti Western, which sure seems to be getting a second wind of late, huh? Anyway, the song sure sounds purdy behind those high-def images of landscapes and gnarly rocks and, uh, Lamborghinis? Sure, why not? Anyway, check it out.

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