Selena Gomez Becomes The Latest North Texan on The Kinda Impressive Lilith Fair Tour Lineup.

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Past her prime already?
Another month, another North Texan gets added to the kinda impressive Lilith Fair tour lineup...

Yep: Today comes the news that Grand Prairie's own Dis-kid, Selena Gomez (who our sister paper down in Houston is already pegging as past her prime at just 17 years old), has been added to the lineup for female-oriented summer tour's return--a bill that already boasts North Texas' own Erykah Badu, Norah Jones, Kelly Clarkson, Miranda Lambert and Erin McCarley.

We also know the tour's coming through North Texas--but, as of yet, there has been no date announced for its arrival, oh well. We'll let you know once that news comes along.

If nothing else, today's news seems to further confirm that a certain area booking agent was pretty damn spot on about a year back when he ran past me the idea of holding a festival featuring North Texas' fine female musician crop. And, surely, the above list--with some help from Sarah Jaffe, Bosque Brown and a few others--would make a fine bill on its own, no? Just some food for thought, I guess.

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