Members of Ben Harper's Relentless7, Darth Vato Form '70s-Inspired, Psych-Rock Supergroup with Sam Anderson, Others

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A major tip of the cap to Preston Jones of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, who always does a beyond-admirable job of reporting all things Fort Worth- and music-related for his paper's music blog, for turning our eyes toward this mind-spinning note: A new Fort Worth "surpergroup" of sorts has formed, featuring guitarist Jordan Williams Richardson (of Ben Harper's Relentless7), bassist Steve Steward (of Darth Vato), saxophone player Jeff Dazey (of Villain Vanguard) and Sam Anderson (of Sam Anderson and the Thrift Store Troubadours).

Called Epic Ruins, the band's sound is inspired by '70s psych-rock and classic rock sounds--or so Williams Richardson and Steward share in this interview, which also provides readers a couple sample tracks to check out (way at the bottom, though, so be sure to scroll down). Says Steward of the sound the band's going for on its upcoming album, called The Void Mariner and the Mystic Boogie of the Sacred Line: "I tell people it's "Texas Space Rock," and if that still draws a blank, I tell them "Pink Sabbath." I like to think of it as '70s rock from an alternate universe, one in which Jimi Hendrix dies of prostate cancer in 1991 and Willow is a critical and commercial hit."

Sounds like our kind of party.

Anyway, also explained in the interview: The album, which will be released in late May or early June, is a concept record following the trials and tribulations of its central character, The Void Mariner, who lives in a world of wizards or something? Don't really know.

But, apparently, over the next few months in bars around Fort Worth, clues will be revealed and a few more songs could be leaked. So, y'know, keep an eye out for that, nerds.

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