Syndey Confirm Returns With Plans For New Music, A Label, And Maybe A Festival. But Definitely A New Remix EP For You To Download For Free.

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Earlier this week, Sydney Confirm's Redsean (aka Sean Humphrey) announced the release of a free-to-download remix EP called Sounds of Old. Only, turns out, the remix EP, which is pretty stellar collection of slightly vampy electro-dance cuts featuring Redsean's track revisions from the past two years (listen to, download and check the full tracklisting for the collection after the jump), is just the start of Sydney Confirm's plans in 2010 and beyond.

Starting tonight with a free-to-attend gig at The Cavern's weekly Detour party, the band will be performing a selection of new, original tracks that it's been writing in anticipation for an as-yet-untitled upcoming 2010 release. That disc, along with this remix one, will be released under Humphrey's own Disqo Disco name--the same name used for his weekly Tuesday night DJ night at Fallout Lounge. The plan, Humphrey says, is to use the label as a means to release the plethora of local electro-dance tracks being created by the burgeoning electro set.

"It will sort of be a way for us to release ours and our friends' music (mainly dance music at first)," Humphrey says, "and further the awareness of what we're trying to make happen in and around town."

Among those happenings: Seasonal dance-party events that Humphrey says he hopes will be seen as "more than just a 'go to the bar and get messed up'" event.

We'll keep you posted on anything we hear on that front; in the meantime, check Sydney Confirm's Sounds of Old after the jump...

Party on, Wayne.

Oh, and the songs:
1. Thieves Like Us - Drugs In My Body (Sydney Confirm Remix)
2. Ocelot - Lo Sforzo (Sydney Confirm Remix)
3. Miss TK & The Revenge - (Sydney Confirm Remix)
4. Au Revoir Simone - I Couldn't Sleep (Sydney Confirm Remix)
5. Passion Pit - Sleepyhead (Sydney Confirm Remix)

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