Picture Show: The Avett Brothers at the Granada Theater

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Patrick Michels
The Avett Brothers played a sweaty set of bluegrass Sunday night, at once raucous, heartfelt and, for the ladies, sleeveless as well.

With a minimum of stage banter, the four-piece remained unfazed by the cat-calling audience and answered shouted requests with a few older cuts off earlier albums like Mignonette and Four Thieves Gone.

The set drew mostly, though, from their recent, poppier, release I and Love and You. The rollicking cello, upright bass, guitar and banjo were softened with slow harmonies and keyboards. Take off ten years, lose the tattoos, tote bags and souvenir South American necklaces, and, really, much of the swooning crowd could've been right at home in a room of Jonas fans.

Check out the rest of the shots here in our slideshow.

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