Time To Add One More Win To The List of Personal Victories With George Quartz...

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Ran into George Quartz not too long ago and came away from our brief conversation knowing two things: 1) Faux Fox, Quartz' beloved, grimy, electro-dance outfit is pretty much completely done, and 2) He's really getting into the work he's doing in his new outfit called Personal Victories with George Quartz.

So, too, are others, turns out. Last week, one of Quartz's new tracks, "Human Metal," popped up as a free download on the very-influential-in-certain-circles 20 Jazz Funk Greats blog.

It's a little less melodic than the last batch of Quartz solo tracks of that we stumbled across and posted--and far more tribal, thanks to a crop of what sounds like audio samples taken from a hockey game and a dirty-as-hell backing synth line. Worth the listen, if only to take an up-to-date peek into the minds of one of the region's more experimental, bizarre performers--or if you want to hear what it'll be like to attend Burning Man after the apocalypse has long come and gone. Check it out here.

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