The Bone Shuts Down, Joining Dada and Daddy Jack's Among The Open Spots On Elm

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The Bone may not have been as revered as, say, Club Dada, but the venue deserves some credit for staying open as long as it did.

Note the past tense, though: Earlier this month, the long-running blues venue located on the corner of Elm and Crowdus Streets, which, in recent years, had grown to include a fair share of hip-hop and alternative rock into its bookings, shut its doors. In fact, it came pretty much simultaneously as the closing of Daddy Jack's, the restaurant located just across the street from the venue.

Can't say for sure what the cause was--the venue's phone line, as you'd expect in such a case, has already been disconnected. Word has it, though, that the venue's landlord, Westdale, upped the rent on the space. And logic dictates that the crowds weren't big enough to support the cost increase; can't really the last time we felt compelled to head to The Bone, if we're being completely honest.

But, still, you gotta pour one out any time a long-standing place like this one goes under. Especially considering all the spaces opening up on Elm Street these days--from live music venues 2826 and La Grange to restaurants The Green Room and Crickets, which we need to try out ASAP, by the way. We hear they have solid hot dogs, for what it's worth.

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