Poster Of The Week: Center Divider, Emil Rapstine, Dim Locator At Dan's Silverleaf Tuesday

Emil Rapstine

Observer art director Alex Flores, who's kind of a big deal, is taking some well-deserved time off. So I'll be at the helm of Poster of the Week until his return, which means you can expect critiques that are less verbose (and yeah, I'll admit, less authoritative) for the next couple or three installments. Have no fear, though--Alex will be back at this feature when his vacation time is up.

This week's featured poster is for the December 29 show at Dan's Silverleaf with headliner Center Divider supported by Emil Rapstine and Dim Locator (former Jetscreamer singer/guitarist Will Kapinos).

Center Divider is a New York band, but features Telegraph Canyon's Tamara Cauble on violin and The Paper Chase's Bobby Weaver on bass among others accompanying Texas native Christian Lee. The music is slow, spacy, ambient and minimal, with a definite high-plains lonesome feel to it.

Which brings us to the poster, designed by Rapstine. Like Center Divider's music (as well as his own), it's dark and minimal, yet not without texture. The design looks like the decorative stitching on a cowboy boot, giving it--like all three musical acts--a distinct Texas accent.

Thanks to all who sent posters, and please continue to send them by e-mail or U.S. Mail.

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