Midlake Makes Rolling Stone's Top 100 Songs of the Decade List With "Roscoe." UPDATE: So Does Kelly Clarkson.

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Midlake's earned the right to look down on us now.

So Rolling Stone announced its top 100 songs of the decade this morning--sure was a crazy decade, huh?--but, despite a heavy lean toward the hip-hop and R&B sides of the spectrum atop the mag's list, a defiantly retro sound somehow made its way onto this list, courtesy of Denton's own Midlake. The song? "Roscoe," which, ladies and gentlemen, according to Rolling Stone, is your 90th best song of the '00s.

Congrats, fellas.

Update: We'd be remiss not to also extend our congrats to Burleson's own Kelly Clarkson, whose powerhouse single "Since U Been Gone" comes in at No. 18 on the magazine's top 100 songs of the decade list.

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