Kirtland Records Wishes You Happy Holidays, Passes Along Streams Of New Sarah Jaffe, Eleven Hundred Springs and Smile Smile Songs.

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The tentative album cover for Jaffe's upcoming disc.
2009 was good to Kirtland Records. For a few reasons.

For one, the Toadies continued proving to the world that you really can't hear "Tyler" enough, for one. Meanwhile, all year long, it seems, the label's been gearing up behind Smile Smile's upcoming release (check this borderline NSFW twitpic I took from their video shoot last week). And then there are the signings: Longtime Dallas favorite, Austin's Bob Schneider, is a part of the Kirtland roster as of 2009. And, as of earlier this month, so too is local favorite Sarah Jaffe.

So maybe the label was just in the giving mood when it sent out an e-card last night, wishing people on its mailing list a happy holidays--because, included on that e-card was, indeed, quite the treat. There, the label offered up streams of four songs, one from Schneider's recently release album and three new, unreleased ones from Sarah Jaffe ("Clementine"), Smile Smile ("Truth on Tape") and recent Sonar Management signee (Sonar is the management subsidiary of Kirtland Records) Eleven Hundred Springs, who offer up the song "Show Me The Money (Or I'll Show You The Door)." Listen to the songs here.

I've always been lukewarm on Schneider's stuff, but the rest of the songs are all keepers.

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