Giveaway: Five Pairs of Tickets To See Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights, Air Review and RTB2 at the Granada's NYE Party


Still desperately seeking out a way to pass the time while counting down the final seconds of 2009 and welcoming in the first ones of 2010? Well, you could do a whole lot worse than spending Thursday night at the Granada Theater, where the theater will play host to sets from three local favorites each heading into this show on a roll: Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights, Air Review and RTB2. There's not too much in common stylistically here, but all three acts are well-schooled in how to put on a compelling live show--and that's a nice plus to have on a night that's usually more about the build-up than the pay-off.

And thanks to the folks at the Granada Theater, we've got a handful of tickets to give away to the show. Want one of the free pairs to this event? OK: Shoot me an email right now with the words "Northern Air" in subject line right now. First five people to do so win. Good luck!

Update: Contest is over. Congrats to our winners.

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