Daniel Miller, Salim Nourallah, Rip Rowan, John Lefler and Others Release Song To Help Injured Friend Recover

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<a href="http://wakeupjon.com/track/wake-up-jon">Wake Up Jon by Friends of Jon Broom</a>

This week, local musician Daniel Miller and fellow area musician/producer Salim Nourallah released their above co-written track, a song dedicated to their friend Jon Broom, who, on September 5 was in a motorcycle accident that caused severe brain injury and resulted in Broom spending almost two months in a coma. Though he's since recovered from that state, Broom's continued recovery and rehabilitation are still ongoing--and, for now, he remains at Baylor Rehab, although his condition has been upgraded to stable.

To help Broom's family cope with Broom's bills and out-of-work state, the song, which also features backing performances from Rip Rowan, John Lefler and others, has been made available for download with the request of a return minimum donation of $1 to a fund set up and accessible only to Broom's family. And feel free to visit Miller's personal Web site for more information on both the song and Broom.

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