A New, Lil Wayne-Featured, Erykah Badu Track Leaked Last Night. Score.

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Last night, the OkayPlayer-hosted blog 2DopeBoyz posted this item, which, for all intents and purposes, sure sounds like a new Erykah Badu track--as heard, quite possibly, in a label or press get-together where Badu played the track for a room to get a response and to relay her release strategy (that's her talking at the end of the clip).

As such, the quality on the track, called "Jump In The Air and Stay There" (listen to it right here), isn't the greatest thing you'll ever hear--it's just a room recording. But, given the fact that it features Lil Wayne plus, as Badu explains to the room at the end of the rip, nine more emcees to be added on as it nears completion, it also seems like something definitely worth getting excited about. Especially as Badu nears the release of her upcoming release New Amerykah Pt. 2: Return of the Ankh, which, last we heard, is expected to come out right around the time the NBA All-Star Weekend rolls through town in early February.

Poor quality or not, the track, produced by Cannabinoids members RC Williams and Jah Born (according to the Twittersphere), sounds like a banger. Can't wait to hear more as we get closer to this release...

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