Bonus MP3: Ryan Thomas Becker -- "Where Your Father Didn't Go"

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Allison V. Smith
As you no doubt read in the current print supplement to DC9, Ryan Thomas Becker--who plays with The Slow Burners, Eaton Lake Tonics, and the Rymandas, and who is the RTB of RTB2--stays plenty busy with his bands, yet somehow finds time for solo efforts as well.

Becker's latest solo disc, Neighborhoof, released today on Gutterth, is an excellent collection of ragged, raw folk-rock songs, with beautiful melodies and unforgettable lines shining through the haze of intentionally lo-fi recording, rickety piano and catch-as-catch-can percussion.

It's a great album, and I highly recommend you pick up a copy. You have a chance to do so tonight at the Neighborhoof CD release party at J&J's Pizza in Denton, where Becker will play with a band featuring Glen Farris, Andy Rodgers and Grady Don Sandlin. And the show is tonight, despite the regrettable conflicting dates listed in the print version of the story (which have been corrected for the online version). Opening will be The Beaten Sea and Becker's friend Grant Cross.

Becker was kind enough to share one of the tracks from the album with DC9 readers. After the jump, download "Where Your Father Didn't Go."

Bonus mp3: Ryan Thomas Becker -- "Where Your Father Didn't Go"

Love that fiddle from Austin Smith. There are 10 other great songs on the disc, though, and you're going to have to buy a copy to get 'em.

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