Toadies Add Second New Year's Eve Show. Well, Sorta: This One's On Dec. 30.

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Careful readers of the print edition of DC9 will have already noticed this little announcement in Trees' ad this week: In addition to headlining the venue's New Year's Eve show with support from Dove Hunter and The Boom Boom Box, the Toadies will now play a second show the night before New Year's on December 30, with support from Austin rockers LIONS and Dallas' own Descender.

Not familiar with Descender? No worries; the band, which has largely been a studio project to this point, has only one show, held earlier this year at Lola's Sixth in Fort Worth, to its name so far. But at least one of its members should be a familiar name to local music heads: Descender frontman Casey Hess formerly fronted Doosu and, more recently, worked with Toadies frontman Vaden Todd Lewis as the guitarist in Burden Brothers.

Anyway, a few tickets to the New Year's Eve show are still available here. Meanwhile, tickets to the newly added show were supposed to be available starting today, as well via, but I can't quite find them yet. I imagine they'll be available shortly...

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