Correction: KXT Actually Launches at 7 a.m.; Wavves Is Not Behind WeeklyTapeDeck.

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I guess I didn't bring my 'A' game to this week's column in the print edition this week. Not the writing so much--that's still fantastic, of course. But I did make two factual errors that need correcting.

For one, KXT-91.7 FM will not launch at 6 a.m. this coming Monday morning. Rather, it's launch is an hour after that, at 7 a.m.

And, well, as for the second error: Apologies to WeeklyTapeDeck blogger Nathan Smith, who I referred to as Nathan Williams in the original printed version of the column. Nathan Williams, rather, is the frontman for Wavves and has nothing to do with WeeklyTapeDeck, except for the fact that I'm pretty sure Smith is a fan of Williams' work. Either way, a stupid mistake.

Both errors have been fixed on the online version. But, regardless: My bad, guys.

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