Weekend Roundup: The Black Crowes and Miley Cyrus

The Black Crowes at the Palladium Ballroom on Friday, October 16
I'm not ashamed to say I have a huge crush on Chris Robinson. I think it's his long, flowing, Jesus-like locks. (We also have the same birthday--it's fate!) I'm also a huge fan of The Black Crowes, who play around Dallas relatively often. That said, I never get tired of "Twice as Hard."

Miley Cyrus at the American Airlines Center on Sunday, October 18
It was a party in the AAC last night with Miley Cyrus, also known as the progeny of former mullet pioneer Billy Ray Cyrus. "Party in the USA" is Pete's new favorite song [Editor's Note: That's not entirely true...] I don't recommend listening to it in the car, because, well, you just gotta get those hands up...


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