Listomania: A Sountrack for Your Swine Flu Sickness

So, lately, pretty much the only thing on the minds of, well, everyone seems to be ways of refraining from getting any small strain of any sort of sickness--especially the infamous H1N1. Those who haven't been infected, pat yourself on the back and keep soaking up the Purell.

Those who weren't so lucky, here's a natural remedy of songs that are guaranteed to at least take your mind away from your miserable headache...

10. Band Of Horses - "The General Specific"
The clapping throughout the song is a sure tissue dropper. This song is great for transforming pretty much any bad day into, well, a good one.

9. Ben Kweller - "Penny On The Train Track"
Kweller always serenades us with clever lyrics about his life, and this one just happens to be a little more poppy than most. Lately, he's been leaning a bit country with his latest album, Changing Horses.

8. Bob Marley - "Three Little Birds"
If this is an attempt to make people feel better, there is no way I'm leaving this one out. "Every little thing is gonna be alright."

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