Hear The First Single From Norah Jones' The Fall

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"Chasing Pirates," the first single from Norah Jones' upcoming The Fall, started making the rounds on the Internet this morning. Check it out right here.

It's no "Don't Know Why," but given the list of collaborators Jones has enlisted to help her with this release (Ryan Adams, Okkervil River's Will Sheff), we're thinking that's kind of the idea, no?

It's still a pretty simple track even so, allowing Jones' silky-smooth vocals to take front and center on in the spotlight before a catchy little synth line.

Which sounds far scarier a premise than it is, actually: Really, it's just a different setting on a keyboard than the ol' grand piano standby we've all become accustomed to from the Booker T. Washington alum. But other than that? I dunno, it's just nice and comforting to hear Jones' voice. In case there were any doubt, it doesn't appear as if Jones has lost a step.

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