Giveaway: Three Pairs of Tickets To See Butthole Surfers and Peaches on October 30 at the Granada Theater

Last time the Butthole Surfers played the Granada Theater
, the freaks came out. Last time Peaches played the same place, it was the voyeurs' turn. So it stands to reason, then, that when the two acts share a bill at the Granada on the night before Halloween, all bets are off. At the very least? You know it'll be a spectacle.

Which is why we're quite excited that the folks at the Granada Theater have passed along three pairs of early-bird tickets for us to hand out to a few fortunate DC9 readers. And you could be among that lucky few--if you're one of the first three to email me right now with the phrase "Devil's Night" in the subject line. Good luck!

Update: Contest is over. Congrats to our winners!

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