Giveaway: A Pair Of Tickets To Chameleon Chamber Group's Live Recording Tonight In SPACE

chameleon chamber group.jpg
The members of Audrey Easley's bewigged and electrified classical gas Chameleon Chamber Group certainly looked like they were having a blast at its DC9 In SPACE taping back in July. They must have liked the results, too, as they'll be recording a live album from 7 to 10 tonight at Hal Samples' gallery venue.

The band was originally supposed to perform at the new Winspear Opera House tonight. After the gig fell through, the members still wanted to perform and decided to invite friends and family members to a recording session.

But while the recording isn't open to the public, the band's newest member, pianist and singer/songwriter Iris Leu (whose CD Hushaboo Eric Grubbs reviewed in August), has offered a pair of tickets.

The first person to e-mail me with the subject line "Is that whiskey? BAD-ASS!" gets to witness it all.

Update: Contest is over.

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