Insane Clown Posse Converts Local Fans

[Editor's Note: The Insane Clown Posse takes the stage at Palladium tonight, bringing their legions of fans, the Juggalos (also casually known as "ninjas"), with them. As a special treat, we've asked one local juggalo, known only as ThA JuGGaLiZer, to fill us in on the scene down at the Palladium as fans begin to show up for the pre-show festivities. (If you're not familiar with the juggalos, you might want to watch this or this and acquaint yourself.) We asked ThA JuGGaLiZer to write his entry in a professional manner, but unfortunately the message didn't seem to stick. Hopefully some of you can still decipher his commentary, since we really have no idea how to even begin editing this.]

WuZ Up BiG D?! ArE Y'aLLZ PuMpED FoR SoMe ICP ToNiGHt?!!!

ThErEz AlREaDy aLL KinDZ Of JuGGaLoZ Up HeRe At Da PaLLaDiUm JuST ChiLLiN WhiLe We WaIT FoR Da SHoW. YoU KnoW, JuST ChuGGiN' ThAt FaYGo AnD DoIN SoME WhiPPetS OuT iN My TeRCeL. wOOt WooT!

All ThEse LoCaL CeLeBRitY JuGGaLoZ aRE EveN ComIn' OuT Of ThE WooDwoRK FoR ToNiGHT! CHeCk OuT All ThEse NINjaZ We'Ve BeeN SeeIn' AroUND.

St. NINja

DiRk JuggAwiTZkI


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