Bonus MP3: Chucky Sly -- "Jimmy Is About To Die"

Gloria Levario
Your favorite local rapper's favorite local rapper.

As Nic Hernandez explains in this week's dead tree version of DC9, the full-length solo debut from Dallas raapper Chucky Sly is some 15 years in the making. And ir's all the better for it, Hernandez explains: 

The feel-good hip-hop popularized by groups such as A Tribe Called Quest gets a prominent nod, sure, but so too does a smattering of dub influence, funk samples and even soulful singing (Sly himself belts out a few lines on "Until You Get Home"). As a result, the final product stands as one that excels in several disciplines. His confident delivery and thought-provoking lyrics exude the aura of a true thinker, a welcome shift from the recent, expected recipe for success for locals in the more radio-friendly line of the same work.

Indeed, this isn't your favorite local urban radio station's hip-hop. Sly's brand is more of the thoughtful, narrative variety--and, as such, his The Unseen Mechanism album stands as one of the more surprising, exciting releases in what has already been well-established as a banner year for DFW music.

After the jump, check a cut from Sly's record to see what we're getting at on this one...

Bonus mp3: Chucky Sly -- "Jimmy Is About To Die"

As opposed to braggadocio about how hard he is, Sly's far more content to tell the sad tale of someone else too proud to see the problems with the way he's living. This isn't the kind of stuff you'll hear in the dance clubs around town, no. But it's not trying to be that, either.

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