ACL '09: Phoenix Draws The Fest's First Way-Too-Big-For-Comfort Crowd

Patrick Michels
Phoenix's Thomas Mars.

Like a black hole located at the far west end of Zilker Park, it seemed that just about everything at ACL was being drawn to Phoenix's set yesterday in the four o'clock hour. Unruly crowds tussled about the outer realms of the masses that extended some 300 yards out from the stage in all directions, and pissed off glares were the name of the game as crowd members tried to squeezing past one another in fruitless attempts to inch closer and closer to the stage. Seemed all kinds of moot, to be honest; not too huge a difference between standing 301 yards and 296 yards away from the show. Either way, you're just staring at ants.

Adorable French ants with an impeccable knack for penning indie dance-pop gems. But ants nonetheless. So, on that note: Yay, for the screens flanking the stage sides!

Patrick Michels

As the set progressed, the generally angry crowds had been won over by the poppy tunes wafting into their ears. Furrowed brows gave way to tapping toes and curious queries from the under-informed about the band's origins.

My own personal favorite question from the peanut gallery: "So these guys are from France, right?"

Uh, yeah. You'd think the band's scarves would be a dead giveaway.

For a closer, different perspective, though, check out a few more up-close-and-personal shots from our own Patrick Michels...


Patrick Michels

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Patrick Michels

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Patrick Michels

Patrick Michels

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