Radio Daze: Still No Launch Date For KERA All-Music Channel; Cumulus' "Quality Rock" Experiment Appears A Failure

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​Over on Unfair Park, Robert's been tuned into the happenings on local radio airwaves all this week, getting to the bottom of two what-the-hell-is-going-on-here questions surely also at the tip of the tongues of others who dare unplug their iPods and scan the area frequencies.

First, on Monday, he caught up with the folks at KERA to check in and see if any start dates had yet been named for the all-music station that we were told it would be launching at 91.7 FM. Long story short: No, not yet. Short story longer: If all goes to plan, before the end of the calendar year.

Today, though, news of an oppositre trajectory: Just four months after re-branding its 93.3 FM frequency as "Quality Rock," Cumulus sems to have changed its mind on the format. Officials at Cumulus have yet to be reached, but the all-over-the-map tunes playing on the station--jazz, old-time country, classic rock--sure seems to indicate classic changeover stunting...

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