Poster Of The Week: Dandy Warhols And Spindrift At The Granada Theater Tuesday

dandy warhols1.jpg
Jared Connor designed this week's featured poster. It promotes the Dandy Warhols and Spindrift bill at The Granada Theater Tuesday; Darryl Smyers interviewed Dandys guitarist Peter Holmstrom for the print supplement to DC9 to preview the show.

One commenter to, where I found the poster, remarks that the images are from old Playmate playing cards. Somehow the partial nudity doesn't seem crass or lascivious to me. Maybe it's because the bright colors and the way the pictures are overlapped mostly obscures the nudity. Or maybe it's because the Dandy Warhols are no strangers to (NSFW link) toplessness themselves.

In an interesting sidenote, Connor also designed the Brian Jonestown Massacre poster for the band's Dallas gig back in April. Apparently he's not taking sides in the Dandys-vs.-Jonestown rivalry.

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