"Hey Guys, Have You Ever Heard Of This Band The Polyphonic Spree?"


Most of the people on the patio outside last night's Dandy Warhols show at the Granada Theater sure seemed to. But I'm guessing the employee for Southern Comfort--the one asking the above question and, score, handing out free shots--didn't.

Some people--not gonna name names, but it happened--laughed at her. True story. (For the record, I think I snickered.)

Whatever, the girl was just doing her job, handing out her free shots, as well as a complimentary compact disc of Polyphonic Spree and DJ Lord videos to remind people of the free SoCo-sponsored Polyphonic Spree and DJ Lord show coming to the Palladium Ballroom on September 24

Admission's still up for grabs from the looks of things over at SoCo's uncerCOVER site, where you can go sign up for tickets and info about the show. Anyway, there you go, in case you forgot, which I had.

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