Methinks Somone At ABC News Loves Forever The Sickest Kids...

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Jonathan Cook, as seen on ABC News/Twitter.
I admit, this is about as tangential as local music coverage can get, but it's still kinda funny: Last night, in an ABC News story about the issues Twitter and Facebook faced yesterday as a result of cyber attacks that may or may not be related to the ongoing conflict between Georgia and Russia, the news organization, in a shot showing its viewing public what a Twitter feed looks like, flashed an image of a tweet from Forever the Sickest Kids frontman Jonathan Cook.

Which, far as I can tell, means one of two things: A) ABC News intentionally showed Cook's feed as a commentary on the interactivity between mall punk bands and their fans, which is pretty unlikely, or B) someone in the ABC News department follows Cook on Twiiter, which is pretty hilarious.

That is all.

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