Go Ahead And Download Another Telegraph Canyon Track. Just Because, OK?

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In case we haven't beaten you over the head with this enough in recent weeks, let us remind you once again: The new Telegraph Canyon record, The Tide and The Current? It's real good. And, hey, it comes out tomorrow. so, y'know, there's that.

And while we already gave you a bonus mp3 of "Shake Your Fists" last week, you should probably go ahead and download the album opener, "Into the Woods," too, since it's available at One Track Mind for free and all, ready for your taking.

In Thursday's paper supplement to DC9, the lead-in music section piece will feature a discussion with frontman Chris Johnson on how the band came to be where it is today, and, yes, more glowing sentiments from me on why the disc is worth your time and dime.

Y'know, just in case you haven't picked up what we're putting down just yet...

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