Giveaway: One Pair of Tickets To Tonight's Bowerbirds Show At Hailey's

It's about time Bowerbirds paid a visit to Denton. Bowerbirds' organic rhythms -- not to be confused with crude strumming, but rather subtle arrangements and raw energy, easily surpass those of Devendra Banhart or Beirut

Inspiration must come easy for founding members, Phil Moore and Beth Tacular, through living off the power grid in an Airstream in the North Carolina woods. Most of their songs connect to the tensions and relationships of man to nature and men to women.

While Bowerbirds' music might best be listened to just as it was created -- off the grid -- hearing them for free has got to be a close second. And since they have a show tonight at Hailey's in Denton, and since we have a pair of tickets, you have just that opportunity. Be the first to send us an email with your name and the subject line "Go Primitive," and the tickets are yours.

Good luck! Contest is over, congratulations to our winner.

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