Giveaway: A Pair Of Tickets To Dia de Los Toadies (Third of Four Chances!)

OK, you know what the deal is by now: Twice already this week, we've passed out a free pair of tickets to Saturday's Dia de Los Toadies festival out in Glen Rose--a deal we're pretty impressed by, mind you--and we're gonna be doing it twice more, too. And one of those times: Well, how 'bout right now, actually?

So, I'll ask again: Wanna check out Toadies, The Secret Machines, Ben Kweller, Bowling For Soup, Eleven Hundred Springs and The Boom Boom Box for free on Saturday? Then email me ASAP with "We Will Wake Up" in the subject line--a pretty easy reference for mose Toadies fans to spot, I'd say. And, if you're the first to do so, you're gonna win Toadies pair. It's that easy (and that hard, too) so good luck.

Update: Contest is over. Congrats to our winner, who has already been notified.

But, remember, if you miss out on today's giveaway, you'll still have one more chance to win a free pair of tickets tomorrow. To up your chances, follow us on Twitter, where we've been giving followers heads up on the approximate times of each day's giveaways.

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